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San Francisco, Sep 19 : Chip giant Intel on Tuesday said that artificial intelligence (AI) is giving rise to the ???Siliconomy,??? a new era of global expansion driven by the magic of silicon and software where AI PCs will dominate our lives. At the ???Intel Innovation??? event, the company unveiled technologies to bring AI everywhere and to make it more accessible across all workloads ??? from client and edge to network and cloud. ???AI represents a generational shift, giving rise to a new era of global expansion where computing is even more foundational to a better future for all,??? said Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger. ???AI will fundamentally transform, reshape and restructure the PC experience -- unleashing personal productivity and creativity through the power of the cloud and PC working together. We are ushering in a new age of the AI PC,??? he told the gathering. Today, silicon feeds a $574 billion industry that in turn powers a global tech economy worth almost $8 trillion. ???This is a new time of global expansion where computing ???is foundational to a bigger opportunity and better future for every person on the planet,??? said Gelsinger. ???AI represents a generational shift in computing that is giving rise to the Siliconomy,??? he added. Intel also previewed the next generation of Intel Xeon processors, revealing that 5th Gen Intel Xeon processors will bring a combination of performance improvements and faster memory, while using the same amount of power, to the world???s data centres when they launch on December 14. This new PC experience arrives with the upcoming Intel Core Ultra processors, code-named Meteor Lake, featuring Intel???s first integrated neural processing unit, or NPU, for power-efficient AI acceleration and local inference on the PC. Gelsinger confirmed Core Ultra also will launch on December 14. Jerry Kao, chief operating officer of Acer, gave a sneak peek at an upcoming Acer laptop powered by Core Ultra. ???We???ve been co-developing with Intel teams a suite of Acer AI applications to take advantage of the Intel Core Ultra platform,??? Kao said. /IANS


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