India has been raising issue of climate justice as poor nations have suffered PM

New Delhi, June 5 : Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday said that India has been raising the issue of climate justice, as due to the "wrong policies" of a few developed nations, poor and developing countries are paying the price. In a video message at a World Environment Day event, Modi emphasised that all the nations should rise above their selfish interests and think towards protecting the world climate. "For a long time, the model of development in big and advanced countries was contradictory. In this developmental model, the thinking was that we first develop our country then we can think about the environment," the Prime Minister said. "With this, they achieved the goals of development but the world's environment had to pay the price for their development. Today also, the developing and poor countries of the world are paying the price for the wrong policies of some developed countries," Modi added. The Prime Minister went on to add that for decades no one was there to object against this attitude of the developed countries, however he was happy that India has managed to raise the question of climate justice. /IANS


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