Avalanche in Uttarakhand

Chamoli: Search and rescue operation underway after few pilgrims returning from Hemkund Sahib went missing following an avalanche that occurred near Atlakoti, in Chamoli district, Monday, June 5, 2023. ( /PTI


Nitin Gadkari inspects Pardi flyover
Nagpur: Union Minister Nitin Gadkari inspects the Pardi flyover, in Nagpur, Sunday, Sept. 17, 2023. ( /PTI

Rescue operation after woman buried
Dhanbad: People gather during a rescue operation after three women were buried due to land subsidence at Gondoodih BCCL Kusunda area, in Dhanbad, Sund

Cleanliness drive at Alappuzha s beach
Alappuzha: People stand to create India's map as part of a cleanliness drive, at a beach in Alappuzha, Sunday, Sept. 17, 2023. ( /PTI