ChatGPT app crosses over 500K downloads in just 6 days after launch

San Francisco, May 26 : Microsoft-owned OpenAI, which recently launched the ChatGPT app for iOS, has surpassed over half a million downloads in its first six days since its launch, according to a new analysis by app intelligence provider ChatGPT outperformed many rival apps, including AI and chatbot apps such as Microsoft's Bing and Edge apps, which integrate OpenAI's GPT-4 technology, reports TechCrunch. Although Bing and Edge both experienced a significant amount of interest in ChatGPT when they first launched in February, with 3,40,000 and 3,35,000 downloads, respectively across iOS and Android in their best five-day periods, the ChatGPT app easily outperformed them, generating 4,80,000 installs in the first five days since its launch in the US, when it was available exclusively for iOS. In terms of iOS downloads alone, ChatGPT outperformed both Bing and Edge with 4,80,000 installs to Bing's 2,50,000 and Edge's 1,95,000. However, when looking at all US downloads in May across both app stores, Bing and Edge were still ahead of ChatGPT -- but not when comparing only iOS installs for the month, according to the report. Moreover,'s analysis found that the ChatGpt app outperformed other top AI chatbot apps on the App Store, many of which had generic names in order to capitalise on search for keywords like "AI" or "chatbot". As compared with other apps' best five-day periods in 2023 on the App Store and Google Play, OpenAI's ChatGPT ranked among the top five in downloads. According to the report, the only app that outperformed was 'Chat with Ask AI', which received 5,90,000 installs from April 4-8, 2023, compared to ChatGPT's 4,80,000 installs from May 18-22. After launching the ChatGPT app for iOS, initially in the US, the company has now expanded the availability to more countries, including Albania, Croatia, France, Germany, Ireland, India, Jamaica, Korea, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Nigeria, the UK, and more. /IANS


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