Google opens up access to generative AI capabilities in Search

New Delhi, May 26 : Google has started to open up access to new generative AI capabilities in Search as part of early experiments as announced during the companys event two weeks ago. The company said those already signed up for the waitlist will be notified by email when they can start testing Search Labs experiments, like SGE (Search Generative Experience), Code Tips and Add to Sheets in the US. Once they are in, the new generative AI powered Search experience will help them take some of the work out of searching, so they can understand a topic faster, uncover new viewpoints and insights and get things done more easily. "Instead of asking a series of questions and piecing together that information yourself, Search now can do some of that heavy lifting for you," the company said. The new generative AI capabilities in Search will help get up to speed on a new or complicated topic, uncover quick tips for specific questions and discover a range of products and things to consider while shopping. "If you want to explore further, right under the snapshot, you'll see the option to 'ask a follow-up question' or select a suggested next step, which will take you into conversational mode," said Google. The company said that if you want to opt-in to these experiments, simply tap the Labs icon in the latest version of the Google app (Android and iOS) or on Chrome desktop to sign up. "You can also visit the Labs site to check your waitlist status," it added. /IANS


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