Britney Spears denies breakdown, says she s never felt better

Los Angeles, Jan 30 : Pop icon Britney Spears has made her return to Instagram just a week after removing her page and telling her fans she's "never felt better". The singer, 41, concerned fans with a number of posts lately, leading one to call police with fears for the star's wellbeing, reports The fan has since issued a grovelling apology after the 'Baby One More Time' singer slammed them for going "too far". Britney had changed her name on the social media platform and also shared a video showcasing her regret at getting a tattoo while in Hawaii. She had also been reminiscing about her previous relationship with Justin Timberlake despite being married to Sam Asghari. further states that after her time away from the site, the singer is back - and told people she simply took down her page "because I can". She also fumed at people to "think again" if they think they know her story. In a lengthy post alongside an image of a pink rose, the star wrote: "Since everyone thinks they know my story. Think again. A mere side of any given Sunday doesn't show worship placing someones story out there a it's a day of WELCOMING a not a righteous reply. It is what it is a nope I'm not having a breakdown a I am who I am and moving forward in my life. I have never felt better." She went on to say she's enjoying being able to "volumise my voice in a world where I lost my rights a for 15 years." She explained that if those taking aim at her were able to walk in her shoes, they might understand how she is feeling. Britney continued: "Still learning this no rules thing a I don't think so limited a I feel younger and in awe a unfortunately I'm boring as hell and drink hot chocolate at night. I've waited nearly 15 years to drink alcohol only to realise I hate it !!! It makes me sad and I feel bloated, although food tastes better." She then exclaimed she would "rather show my a**" than sit down, before concluding: "PS yes I took my Instagram down and now it's back up because I can !!!" /IANS


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