Pak agencies clueless about dark web claims of PM Office audio leaks


Islamabad, Sep 28 : The Pakistan government and relevant agencies still remain clueless about the dark webs claim of the volume of the Prime Minister Office's audio data, bugged or hacked, it possesses and whether or not the web will release the data on Friday morning. The agencies concerned have though taken necessary measures to prevent it in future, there is no confirmation about the level of damage already done, The News reported. It is, however, a case of serious lapse of cyber security where the top-most executive office of the country has been spied on. Surveillance of key public office holders is done in many countries but here a very heavy amount of audio recording has either been hacked or bugged by some outsider. Intelligence sources insist that the kind of world we live in, 100 per cent cyber security in such matters cannot be ensured. However, there is no explanation or clue as yet available how the tapping of the PM House has been done for months despite the fact that the sweeping of the Chief Executive's office, meeting rooms, etc, is done regularly. It is admitted that what has already happened cannot be undone but for future, all corrective measures are being taken. It is also said that Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif was informed by the Intelligence Bureau some 10 days back about the hacking/ bugging, which surfaced a few days ago, The News reported. Recently, a social media post read: "In a major cyber attack on the PM Office a 100 hour conversation of PM and cabinet members has been leaked to an international hacker website. The hacker has asked for $345,000 for a detailed record that is about 8 GB, the conversations include political, economic and security related issues." Intelligence sources are though not sure about the credibility of these claims, the concerned dark web on Tuesday said that it will release the data on Friday next. "For undisclosed reasons, I will be releasing ALL files this Friday (09/30)." It added no more negotiation and offers (to sell the data) will be accepted. Regarding the nature of data, the dark web claimed: "1) Audios include interaction with journalists. 2) Audios include conversations with government officers. 3) Audios include conversations with the premier military personnel. 4) Audios include conversations with the premier military head. 5) Audios include personal and governmental dealings. 6) Audios include interactions between the first family, and extended families. 7) Audios may include conversations of incriminating nature. 8) Audios may include conversations with serving judicial appointees. 9) Audios include engagements with foreign dignitaries. 10) Audios include directions/ orders by personnel involved. "Hopefully this release will bring betterment to Pakistan." /IANS


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