MLAs purchased like sack of rice and cattle: Goa Forward


Panaji, Sep 14 : Reacting sharply to the political development in Goa, wherein eight Congress MLAs joined BJP, Goa Forward Party President and MLA Vijai Sardesai said that BJP has purchased them like sacks of rice and MLAs have allowed them to be purchased like cattle. "This act of betrayal has taken place on the Hindu auspicious period of Pitru Paksa, even God will not bless them. The MLAs are purchased like sacks of rice and these MLAs have allowed them to purchase, how one purchase cattle," Sardesai said. "These MLAs have destroyed democracy and sentiments of the public. They had pledged before all religious places (that they will not leave Congress party) and now this betrayal of people is witnessed by all. These MLAs have no future. Chief Minister Pramod Sawant has failed in all aspects and he wants to run government by purchasing MLAs," Sardesai said. "There will be no opposition leader as they (Congress) don't have number. This was part of killing democracy, process of which Sawant has completed. Now BJP has to check who original BJP leaders are," Sardesai said. "We often see political defections as betrayal of the people's mandate, but it's much more than that. It's a betrayal of the people, subversion of the political and democratic process, the repudiation of their own parentage, and the denigration and mockery of God," Sardesai said. "The people will not forget that the chief minister who would consider himself to be victorious in this dirty bargain has miserably failed in every constitutional and administrative duty he's been assigned including the proper governance of the state, protection of life and property of its citizens," He said. "We will, as a party, fight this political plague that has destroyed Goa, and appeal to true Goemkars to reject these traitors with the contempt they deserve from our civilised and discerning society, and brand them as enemies of the people and God," Sardesai said. /IANS


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