Libya constitutional talks end without breakthrough


Geneva, July 1 : Under the auspices of the UN, a new round of high-level meeting on the Libya Constitutional Track concluded in Geneva. The negotiators reported limited progress but no breakthrough, the UN Information Office said on Thursday. "The Presidents of (Libya's) House of Representatives and High Council of State met in Geneva on June 28-29. They reviewed the outstanding provisions of the 2017 Libyan Draft Constitution, taking into account the agreement reached during the Cairo talks earlier this month," a statement by UN Special Adviser to the Secretary General Stephanie Williams said. Williams said that the two chambers reached unprecedented consensus on a number of long-standing issues, but disagreement persists on the eligibility requirements for the candidates in the first presidential elections, Xinhua news agency reported. The agreements they have reached include the designation of the headquarters and distribution of seats for the two chambers of the legislative authority, the division of responsibilities among the President, the Prime Minister, the Cabinet and the local government, and a revenue allocation mechanism for the different levels of government, the UN official added. "While the progress secured during three rounds of consultations in Cairo and this round in Geneva is significant, it remains insufficient as a basis to move forward towards comprehensive national elections, which is a genuine desire of the Libyan people," she said. Libya was expected to hold presidential elections on December 24, 2021. However, the elections, part of a roadmap adopted by the UN-sponsored Libyan Political Dialogue Forum to regain stability in Libya following years of political division and insecurity, were postponed indefinitely due to technical and legal issues. /IANS


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