11th World Tamil Research Conference in Sharjah next yr


Chennai, June 11 : The International Association of Tamil Research (IATR) on Saturday announced it will organise the 11th World Tamil Research Conference in Sharjah in July 2023. In a statement, the IATR said the meeting also called International Conference Seminar on Tamil Studies will focus on the challenges faced by the Tamil language in the internet age. The conference will conduct deliberations on music, drama, sculpture, linguistics, comparative Indian languages and literature studies, literature, psychology, journalism, and social media. The meeting will have participation of leading Tamil scholars, writers, social activists, artists, musicians, historians, psychologists, and Tamil media persons. Lincoln University of Business Management, Sharjah, is associating with the IATR for the conference. The statement said that academics and research scholars can send their abstracts in either Tamil or English before September 30. /IANS


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