Indian thought and philosophy believes in inclusiveness: RSS leader


New Delhi, May 15 : Sah Sarkaryawah, Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS), Krishna Gopal on Sunday said that Indian thought and philosophy believes in inclusiveness. Gopal was speaking while releasing a book "Hindutva arthath Bharatiya ekatmakta-Muslim vidvesh nahi" written by former vice chancellor of Nagpur University S.N. Pathan at India Islamic Cultural Centre here. "Hindutva is not only about Indian inclusiveness but is a symbol of global inclusiveness. Not a single Hindu intellectual or scholar has ever talked about only welfare of India, they always talked about global welfare. Hindu means a tradition, thought and philosophy of the country for 1,000 years which is not divisive. We do not divide between India and others and those divide are not Hindu. It did not divide between 'mera' and 'tera' (me and ours). Friends and enemies, it talks about welfare for everyone. Global welfare is our final destination," Gopal said. He noted that India does not have exclusive thought but our behaviour is inclusive. Talking about Covid lockdown, he said that guided by the values and philosophy of this country during the pandemic in Delhi about 15 lakh food packets were distributed by people or different religious groups to the poor. Talking about Indian inclusiveness, he said: "Pakistan was not able to accept two languages (Urdu and Bengali) but the Indian constitution accepted 22 languages including Sindhi when Sindh is not part of our country. It is called inclusiveness." Referring to the Ukraine and Russia war, Gopal said: "...fight of inclusiveness and exclusiveness. Russians are about 18-19 per cent of Ukraine's population. Ukrainians are not able to accept Russian and their literature, practice or representation." "Indian thought and philosophy try to bring the whole world together and it is Hindutva," Gopal added. /IANS


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