RJD threatens no-confidence motion against Nitish government


Patna, Jan 19 : The RJD on Tuesday threatened to bring a no-confidence motion against the Nitish Kumar government in the upcoming Budget session of the Bihar Assembly if the liquor prohibition law is not amended. RJD chief spokesperson Bhai Virendra said that his party preparing for a no-confidence motion amid a buzz that Nitish Kumar is likely to amend the liquor ban law. "We will first take a look at the amendment bill. If it is not in favour of the common people of the state, the RJD will bring a no-confidence motion in the Budget session. "Our leader Lalu Prasad had already said that liquor prohibition law should not affect the common people of Bihar. It should not turn into a headache for people, still Nitish Kumar implemented the law without realising its consequences and side effects," Virendra said. "Poor people are becoming victims of the liquor prohibition act. A large number of poor people were sent to jail under this law. The rich people are drinking liquor at home while poors are getting arrested. The liquor prohibition act is not in favour of people of Bihar," he added. However, Deputy Chief Minister Tar Kishore Prasad said: "We are part of the government and we are backing the decision of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. The current liquor prohibition law will remain implemented in the state. We are not discussing the point of amendment of liquor prohibition act as of now." /IANS


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