New App Store Connect experience to be rolled out to all developers


San Francisco, Jan 16 : Tech giant Apple, which introduced a new App Store Connect experience with some useful changes for developers, will now be rolled out to everyone later this month. The changes also included the option to submit in-app events and edit items without having to create a new version of the app, 9To5Mac reported. While this update was optional, Apple is now informing developers that it will be rolled out to everyone later this month, the report said. The company has confirmed via the Apple Developer website that all developer accounts will be automatically upgraded with the new App Store Connect experience on January 25. For those who want to try out the new experience, they need to manually opt-in. "Last year, we introduced an updated way to submit apps, in-app events, custom product pages, and product page optimisation tests for review in App Store Connect," the company was quoted as saying. "Starting January 25, 2022, the submission experience will be automatically updated for all App Store Connect accounts," it added. For those unfamiliar, App Store Connect is the platform where developers can submit their iOS, watchOS, tvOS, and macOS apps to the App Store, the report said. Apple is making it easier for developers to update their app information (such as product pages and in-app events) without having to create and submit a new version of the app -- which is currently required, it added. /IANS


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