Putin calls for closer global cooperation on conserving biodiversity


Kunming (China), Oct 13 : Russian President Vladimir Putin has called for closer international cooperation on preserving biodiversity and providing related support to developing countries. "It is certainly important that national priorities and specificities of each state be taken into account, and special attention be given to the needs of developing and least developed countries," Putin said on Tuesday in his speech via video at the 15th meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the UN Convention on Biological Diversity, Xinhua news agency reported. The conference, known as COP15, kicked off on Monday in Kunming, the capital of southwest China's Yunnan Province. The first part of the meeting will last until Friday, with parallel activities featuring forums on topics including climate change and ecological conservation. The second part of the meeting, which is expected to be held next year, will review and make a decision on the "post-2020 global biodiversity framework," a blueprint for biodiversity conservation for the next decade. "We fully support the idea of achieving closer international cooperation on all urgent issues of protecting flora and fauna as well as air and water resources," Putin said, underlining that "the sovereignty of states over their natural resources and economic activities" should be respected to this end. He expressed his appreciation to China for supporting efforts to enhance international cooperation on environmental matters. Speaking of the theme of the conference, namely "Ecological Civilization: Building a Shared Future for All Life on Earth," Putin said "this conference offers a good opportunity to share ideas on how to ensure -- to the greatest extent possible -- harmonious coexistence between human beings and nature." The ongoing event is the first global conference convened by the United Nations on the topic of ecological civilization, a philosophy proposed by China. "This very conference is a good illustration that objectives of nature conservation cannot be successfully addressed by any country individually. This is a common task for all States, for all humankind, without exaggeration," Putin said. /IANS


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