'Bigg Boss 15': Donal says she's better now at dealing with people

Bigg Boss 15

Mumbai, Oct 3 : Journalist-turned-actress Donal Bisht, who entered the 'Bigg Boss 15' house on Saturday, says she joined the reality show, after staying away from it when she was offered a place in it earlier, because she now knows she can "deal with people". "It's a nice and exciting feeling," Donal said in a conversation with IANS. "It's an opportunity that I am really very happy to be a part of." Donal is known for her roles in the television serials 'Ek Deewaana Tha' and 'Roop - Mard Ka Naya Swaroop'. Besides making a name for herself on television, Donal has also acted in the web series 'Tia & Raj' and in the Telugu film 'Dare To Sleep'. She now regards 'Bigg Boss 15' as another experience. As she puts it: "It was never like doing 'Bigg Boss' was my career goal. 'Bigg Boss' had approached me three or four times in the past, but I was then doing back-to-back shows and shooting for my Telugu film. Now, I have time and I know I can deal with people more than before." Donal added that she was not going to be a part of any controversy, nor was she interested in creating one in the house. She said: "I am just going to play the game and gain experience as I have time. I am not a camera-shy person, but never do anything deliberately. I am not going to grab eyeballs. I just want to enjoy the game and be fair in it. Because if you are fair in life, you win the game." Continuing with her account of her plans in the 'Bigg Boss 15' house, Donal said: "The most important thing is to know how to deal with people and that I know well. I think in real life you deal with a greater number of people, so dealing with 14 others won't be a big deal. I want to be real, just be myself. The way the others behave with me will determine how I am to them." Of course, she's most excited about getting to known Salman Khan personally. "He is the soul of 'Bigg Boss'," she said. "All in all, this is going to be an amazing experience." /IANS


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