Anuj is the mouthpiece of the audience in 'Anupamaa': Gaurav Khanna


Mumbai, Sep 25 : Actor Gaurav Khanna, who plays the super-successful business tycoon 'Anuj Kapadia' in the show 'Anupamaa', says that the show has attempted to change many old beliefs and try to set a new perspective for viewers. Gaurav explains: "The show has quashed many age-old beliefs and that's why it is the number one show because it has held on to the pulse of the viewers. It's high time that television comes out of the regular patterns and they deliver something new to the viewers because too many similarities are happening of late and that's why 'Anupamaa' came as a pleasant surprise." In the show Anuj's thoughts and understanding of things are opposite of 'Vanraj' (Sudhanshu Pandey) and he not only wants Anupamaa to succeed because she was his college crush but he also takes a stand for what's right. With his beliefs and opinions, the makers have yet again set an example. "Anuj's understanding on the show and his character gaining importance in the story right now, I would say he is sort of a mouthpiece of the audience, like what the audience would think or they would want to do in a certain situation is what 'Anuj' technically does or ends up doing eventually." "He is an extension of the audience in the story and that's why people can connect with him so much because it's their understanding in the form of a character and the way they would want 'Anupamaa' to go forward in life and the way they want her to get out of the shackles of the society and the household she is in," he adds. While the audience is liking Gaurav's on-screen performance, they are also loving his off-screen bond with Rupali Ganguly, who plays the titular character in the show. Talking about his bond with his co-actors, he says: "My maximum number of scenes are done with either Rupali or Deepak Gheewala Ji. I have very good bonding with both of them because I feel if the bonding is strong off-screen it transcends on-screen as well. I want people to understand me as a person so that when I do something impromptu on-screen or I add a couple of lines to make it more Anuj or real then they should understand the pauses and they should take it up from there. That is what happens with Rupali and Deepak Ji." /IANS


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