Indie artiste Foxanne's space song features New Jersey planetarium


New York, Sep 19 : Indie pop artiste Foxanne's new single, 'I Could Go On', which is currently in orbit around Earth, highlights the contribution of a science centre that continues to provide science education to the community amid the COVID-19 pandemic reports, The song flew to space on September 15 with the SpaceX Inspiration4 mission on the personal playlist of mission pilot Sian Proctor, a geoscientist and science communicator who befriended Foxanne during a simulated, or analog, Mars mission in 2020. Foxanne's real name is Chelsea Gohd. The new single is not officially affiliated with Inspiration4's mission. The music video for the single, available on YouTube, was filmed in the Liberty Science Center's Jennifer Chalsty Planetarium in New Jersey, which is advertised as the biggest such facility in the western hemisphere. Foxanne hoped to highlight its service to the community during a difficult time, she told /IANS


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