Violence continues across Northern Ireland


Northern Ireland : A bus burns on the Shankill road area of West Belfast Northern Ireland, Wednesday, April 7, 2021. Loyalists hijacked and set the bus on fire as violence continues across Northern Ireland. /AP-PTI


Man fireworks. Ramadan month,
Gaza City: A man swings fireworks during the Muslim holy fasting month of Ramadan, on the beach of Gaza City, Monday, April 26, 2021. /AP-PTI

Eid al-Fitr prayer in Bekasi.
Bekasi: Muslim gather during Eid al-Fitr prayer marking the end of the holy fasting month of Ramadan on a street in in Bekasi , West Java, Indonesia,

Demonstration against slavery.
Brasilia: Activists carry crosses representing lost black lives, during a demonstration marking the day slavery was abolished in Brazil, and against g