The Yellow Diary, Slow Cheeta give 'Roz roz' hip-hop makeover


Mumbai, April 7 : The alt-rock band The Yellow Diary has collaborated with rapper Slow Cheeta to give a makeover to singer Shilpa Rao's song "Roz roz". The music video features the rapper along with the band members. "'Roz Roz' has been getting a lot of love, and people all over the internet have been putting out their own versions of the song. We felt inspired to do something more with 'Roz roz', which has a very collaborative energy," The Yellow Diary jointly said. Noting that the song lends to hip-hop very well, they added: "Slow Cheeta has been a good friend and supporter of the band since the very beginning. The moment we sent it to Cheeta, he immediately hit us up with some rhymes that felt like 'The missing verse'." "The Yellow Diary is my favourite band in the country! I was obsessed with Roz Roz like the rest of India and have been listening to it on loop," Slow Cheeta revealed mutual admiration for the band. The Yellow Diary is a five-members comprising Rajan Batra (lead vocals, lyrics), Himanshu Parikh (keys, production), Stuart Dacosta (bass), Vaibhav Pani (guitar) and Sahil Shah (drums). "Roz roz" was released by Sony Music India. /IANS


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