Gita Achran

(The writer Mr. K. Siva Prasad is a senior IAS officer in the Punjab Government. Most of us believe that we are the cause of all our actions and masters of our destiny. In the Gita, Lord Krishna says that interaction between Gunas (properties/characters) creates Karma, but not due to any Karta. T […]

Do not jump in suddenly

The Author is Mr.Naresh Singh Nayal (NIS Qualified Coach, Asst. Coach Indian Blind Football Team, Physical Instructor NIEPVD Dehradun) We all are in practice of jumping in or call it as we love to bang on. Actually this is much of human tendency. We just want to reach or claim our target as fast […]

Life is a journey

Author - Vishav Dhiman (Fitness enthusiast) Age Is Just a Number Ask yourself how many sunsets have you seen, how many hearts have you won, how many trips have you gone on or places you have been to; that is how young you are. Life is a journey, RUKNA NAHI BAS CHALTE JAANA HAIN Change in […]

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